Matching Music to Books, Part 2!


As I took a look back at my blog I remembered one of my favorite posts to have put together: Matching Music to Books ( Since I had so much fun putting it together, I thought I would do a second part and have a little more fun, though its actually pretty hard thought experiment. (I find it helpful for my own writing too). Speaking of my own writing, I started the last music/book post with two songs I connect to my own writing so I ought to do that here.

Last time I did the first two books in the trilogy I’m writing: Wolves Rising, and Eagles’ Flight. So I should finish up the trilogy before I move on. The third book is Crow’s Song, the end of the trilogy and currently only half-finished so I don’t have the firmest grip on what I want it to be. With that in mind, a song that I do find fits what I have on the page currently is “Zombie” (the cover by Bad Wolves specifically):

I suppose I did two for my own writing last time so… Now I’m not saying you should always follow a pattern but I’ve already mentioned my other current writing project this year in my 19 Goals for 2019. That project is called When Summer Magic Sleeps and if I had to pick a song for it, I’d go with Panic! at the Disco’s “Dying in LA”:


Now that I’ve gotten my own music out of the way, let’s get to the main event: books that are not mine!

Let’s start kind of easy on me with and go with Rick Riordan’s novels. Yes, all of them. Well, less all of them and more like I’ve found a song that I think suits the mood of a lot of the novels. While the many series have their comedic moments, you are ready books about literal kids who, thanks to who their parents are, are stuck fighting for their lives. So the song I find that really suits that problem is Celtic Thunder’s “Crow on the Cradle”:

Going a little more old fashioned but sticking with the mythological stories, I’m going to think about Le Morte D’Arthur by Sir Thomas Malory. This one’s also probably a cheat because really  a lot of Arthurian tales retread the same ground. I’m picking Malory specifically because it’s one of the older accounts and its focus is on Arthur mostly. I mean a huge portion of the text, especially in the middle, is about different Arthurian knights, but I’m sticking by my choice because Le Morte D’Arthur also gives the story from beginning to end without presenting the Arthurian story in the middle of others (if I could just choose a portion of a story I’d be more likely to pick the Arthurian portions of the Mabinogion for this song choice because its one of the older, older tales). For this one, especially the earlier accounts of Arthur’s life or the early parts of Arthur’s reign, it’s Starset’s “It Has Begun”:

Switching up a little bit by getting modern and forcing myself to focus on a single book out of a series, I’m taking a look at The Cuckoo’s Calling, the first C.B. Strike novel by Robert Galbraith. The beginning of this character-driven detective series offers not only an interesting mystery but also sets up some fantastic character interactions between the two leads: Cormoran and Robin that makes you so curious where their relationship may lead. I’m going to have to pick another Panic! At the Disco song, and off the same album too! But, hey, this is my blog and I make up my own rules (though I haven’t actually set up any rules so I’m also not breaking any rules so I’m good??) Because this is the first in the series and the two leads get a peek at what their future could be, I’m going with Panic!’s “High Hopes”:

Next up is S.E. Hinton’s The Outsider’s. This one was one of my favorite books in high school and, admittedly, its been a while since I’ve had the chance to read it. I’m not even sure if I have a copy in my book collection any more. But the plot is easy enough to remember so I can figure out a musical connection to play up. And this one might sound strange, because the song was specifically made for the soundtrack of an (awful) movie but I still love it none the less. So, here’s a song for Ponyboy’s struggles and continuing on after everything, Rihanna’s “Towards the Sun”:

How bout we do one more? Hmm, trying to think of a good book/song combo to finish the second part of the list off. Ahh! Okay, think I have one!

We’ll finish this post with one of C.S. Lewis’ adult fiction books: Till We Have Faces. This is actually a retelling of the Greek tale of Eros (Cupid) and Pysche but focuses on Pysche’s older sister Orual who is convinced that the gods don’t care for humanity. She realizes her mistakes when Pysche is punished for having looked on Eros’ face, something Orual convinced her to do, and Orual comes to realize that it was she, and not the gods, who was bitter. This journey isn’t easy and can actually be hard to read, but I appreciate how Orual struggles and develops throughout the story. I’m going with Natalia Kills’ “Devils Don’t Fly”:

And there we have it. It took me some time and thinking to make this list, but I’m pretty happy with it. Maybe I’ll do a part 3 in a few more months!

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