Accidental Early April Fool’s Prank??


So, for April Fools this year I got particularly tricky and played my prank on March 31st so that no one expected it – even myself!

Yes, my special super fun prank for April Fools 2019 was probably making a bunch of people think I had measles!

It’s an allergic reaction. But I am covered in a red spotted rash.

It’s not pretty.

You see, I’m actually allergic to certain antibiotics that are penicillin-based. We found that out last…October(?) when I had antibiotics to deal with a tooth problem. This time around it was for the removal of my wisdom teeth. But I only react about two days AFTER I finish the round of antibiotics.

But I at least understood what was happening when it started again.

What we weren’t expecting is when it attacked my face and made my neck swell up. You see, the scary things about allergies like these is that they can affect your breathing. So my neck swelling got us concerned about my throat so my Mom and I headed for emerge at like 9 Sunday morning.

Turns out the 31st was a busy day for the ER and me, sitting there with really freaking obvious red spots, got a lot of looks. The triage nurse came out to check with the new people in the line because they don’t operate on a first-come-first-serve basis. If you are in a lot of trouble you skip up the line: problems with copious amounts of blood, chest pains, and trouble breathing. She took one look at me, checked if my tongue was swollen, and pulled me in next.

There was still some waiting and still some parents moving their kids away from me when I sat down, but I eventually got a bed. In a hall. It was a VERY busy day.

The doctors and nurses went with checking the worst-case scenarios with the evidence they had, which was a question of measles. That was debunked pretty quickly and I noticed the news spread around the doctors, nurses, and EMTs pretty quickly. Probably to then assure any concerned patients that “No, that red spotted lady over there is not contagious”.

They were still concerned about my swollen face and neck so they took some blood and urine samples and got me onto some fluids and Benadryl via an IV. I was there for most of the rest of the day (we left about 4:45) under observation. My mother went in and out which just shows you how well Dr. Emily and Nurse Christine were because they were able to handle my anxiety (by giving me a dose of something which was just the best), answering my questions, and letting me doze in the corner of the hall as stretcher after stretcher went by from the myriad of ambulances that came in.

When I was paying attention, I could see the looks I got from other patients. People still moved their kids away, but it was funny at that point because I knew I wasn’t spreading anything.

I’m still spotted. It’ll take a while for it to disappear entirely. But my face and neck aren’t swelling up anymore and the rash is already easing from there too. Soon enough I’ll be right as rain, I just need to keep up on the Benadryl.

Since my reaction got worse from last time, we’re planning on getting a medical alert bracelet since it could be very dangerous for me to get a bigger dose of penicillin or anything in its family during an emergency situation. The doctor also suggested an EpiPen.

So I guess part of the April Fool’s joke is on me: I now need to actually remember that I have allergies if someone asks. I’ve gotten so used to answering no!

Author: MsDuckiebee

I am extremely nerdy and just want to talk about life and things that make me excited. Sometimes just for fun, sometimes to dig into things in a little more detail!

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