So Many YouTube Channels!


I watch a lot of YouTube. I didn’t used to watch so much but I don’t watch a lot of television any more. Originally, this was because I was at university in a dorm room and I had my computer but no satellite or Netflix. I didn’t get either when I moved into an apartment. The television my roommate and I had was basically for the DVD player and my Wii.

Then I moved back in with my parents who have both satellite and Netflix. You figure that would mean I would start watching more of both of those. And maybe I would, if I would just go ahead and link our Netflix into my computer. Why? Because I never get control of the television.

Seriously. My parents are from an older generation where the internet wasn’t so large and providing/consuming. So, especially for my father, the television is his entertainment. My mother enjoys reading so she doesn’t always have the television on like he does, but she also enjoys watching her shows and doing some sewing or knitting. Outlander, Star Trek, and Blue Bloods are her current go-tos. She’s waiting until the current series of Bull is done, having recorded all of them, so she can binge it.

My mother has officially discovered the binge.

So I don’t often have the tv. I used to have a little more access because they both work during the week and I often had a day or two off at that time so I could use Netflix during the day. Except, my brother is currently visiting, sleeping on the couch, and he’s such a nocturnal person that he often sleeps until after noon. So now I have even less access to the tv and Netflix.

Maybe I really should connect my laptop to it.

Except there’s two things holding me back.

  1. I need to be working on my own stuff, not binging Netflix’s Castlevania (which I did this passed Thursday and, man, did I enjoy it but it meant I got NOTHING done).
  2. I actually have so many YouTube channels I’m subscribed to that I really enjoy but don’t have time to watch.

Yep. I’ve hit the point where I’ve got so many channels uploading so many videos that I can’t watch and enjoy all the content they’re giving me. I didn’t think this was actually a problem but I’ve fallen behind on a couple of the channels because I’m busy and tired and trying to do the above number 1.

The worst problem are the gaming channels I follow because they tend to upload every day or several times a day. And I follow a lot of gaming channels. ProJared Plays, Game Grumps, and Jacksepticeye all have gaming series on the go that I want to watch but its so much content across the board that I need to have time to sit down and binge it. I try to stay on top of the weekly/infrequent uploads to ProJared, PeanutbutterGamer, Extra Credit, and Game Theory among others. But I’ve fallen behind on the Completionist and Normal Boots.

I suppose after the gaming channels I watch book and bookish channels the most, number-wise. I mean, I subscribe to those behind gaming channels. Peruse Project has some long form reading vlogs which I really like putting on in the background while JessetheReader, ReadbyZoe, and a ClockworkReader all upload at varying schedules and lengths that I pick up every now and then. The Dom’s Lost in Adaptation series combines my love of books and movies. And Katytastic’s writing vlogs continue to remind me that I should be working on my own writing and (often) aren’t. Whoops.

I also listen to a lot of music channels. I enjoy the covers and original music of Karliene, Peter Hollens, Caleb Hyles, and Malinda’s Translator fails and actual music too.

After that it becomes really hard to categorize my YouTube watching without having categories with only one channel in them unless I go really broad. Educational or Thought Provoking, I guess. Like OverlySarcasticProductions gives me history lessons, Trope Talk, and literature recaps using some fantastic cartoon styles. Other history shows I watch includes Extra History which deserves getting mentioned separate from Extra Credits, History Buffs (dissecting the historically accuracy of movies), and, of course, Crash Course. I watch Mothers Basement for anime discussion even though I literally don’t have the time/opportunity to watch all of the anime he talks about. I’ve taken to some food channels too. Binging with Babish, especially his Basics series has been encouraging me to try some new foods. I also like Strictly Dumpling, a newer subscription for me. I’ve already mentioned my love of Lindsay Ellis’ long form video essays on movies and books and Folding Ideas is a good one too. I also like Rantasmo and KyleKallgrenBHH’s Brows Held High though their content tends to be shorter than the previous two. Thomas Sanders’ videos have really helped cheer me up, but his Sanders Sides have also asked me to ask myself some hard questions. My most recent subscription has been Mo Mo O’Brien because I didn’t know I needed that larp life in my life but I need it.

I’m…I’m actually not sure where I was going with all of this. I guess I was just looking at the 80+ channels I subscribe to and thinking to myself “Hey, I really like these guys”. So, I guess this post is mostly just a shout out to the fact that I love a variety of content and don’t need the mass media television for entertainment. I also think they’ll probably be some post chatting about some of these channels in more detail, so be prepared for those.


Author: MsDuckiebee

I am extremely nerdy and just want to talk about life and things that make me excited. Sometimes just for fun, sometimes to dig into things in a little more detail!

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