19 Goals for 2019


First post of 2019!

I feel like I should have myself all put together and yet, here I am, and I am not…that….at all. I feel like I should know exactly what my plans are for the year but I don’t really. I do know what I’m going to do for some things: I’m going to keep working at the job I’m currently at. In the summer I might pick up some walking tours too, that’s one of the parts I’m not sure about.

I’m planning on keeping up both my blog and my Youtube. That means the usual Monday posts here and Friday posts on Youtube alternating between vlog life updates and a variety style video that might cover art and craft projects I’m working on, book reviews, and more. And for the first half of the year I’ve got Book and Page Season 2 happening. It’s a series of videos (posted Wednesday and Sunday) where I read through a section of a book or play and talk about themes, images, and basically anything that pops into my brain. It fills in the academic classroom stuff I’ve been missing.

From there, well, plans are a little more sketchy. I didn’t really like that, so I actually put together a bullet journal for myself. It’s the first one I’ve ever done, and I hope I can keep it up for the year. I like the style I picked up because it combines a weekly agenda with a series of spreads at the front of the journal to help keep me on track. I’ve got spreads for my Youtube channel, Book and Page, and the blog!

I’ve also got a few more to help me with everything this year.

I’ve got a Reading Log all ready to be filled in. My goal for the year is 50 books. At this point I’m already 2 down which is pretty good. Hopefully I’ll find some books that really speak to me and a few I wouldn’t mind reviewing.

My writing spread is generally focused on some goals for my writing I want to achieve. Most notably, I want to edit and self-publish the follow up book to my first self-published novel: Wolves. The series will be a trilogy and since part of the third book got written during Nanowrimo last year that’s also going to get finished this year. I also want to participate in Nanowrimo again this year.

But that’ll depend on whether or not I am attending university starting in September. You see, I’ve applied to a couple of universities and now I have to wait to see what the outcome is. Maybe I’ll be working on my PhD in the last part of the year. Maybe I won’t be.

At the front of my bullet journal has a section listing 19 GOALS FOR 2019. It doesn’t include anything about university because, right now, that’s out of my control. This year I really want to focus on what I can control and letting go of what I can’t. So all my goals, whether or not I reach them, are all in my control.

  1. Graduate – I defended my thesis last year and so will get to walk across the stage this year. This is the goal for me to just appreciate what I’ve achieved.
  2. Get my G2 – I’ve been learning how to drive so I’m going to have to just suck it up and learn to park. Then do my test.
  3. Edit & Self-Publish ‘Eagles’ – you know it, I’ve already mentioned it
  4. Finish Writing ‘Crows’ – finish up my trilogy and open the way to new projects!
  5. Book and Page Season 2 – already in the works!
  6. Write 6 short stories – my way of trying to loosen up and write more, even if its not big novels
  7. Nanowrimo 2019 – we’ll see (haha)
  8. VEDA 2019 – Vlogging Everyday in April, probably keeping the videos short like this last year
  9. Read 50 books – it’ll be fun. I’m sure of it…
  10. Draft ‘When Magic Sleeps’ – a story project that’s been percolating for a while
  11. Keep up the journal – bullet journal is a goal in bullet journal
  12. Submit at least 1 academic piece of writing – time to think about getting published in academic journals, or at least trying
  13. Submit at least 5 pieces of writing – I have some self-published stuff but I’d love to see about getting some traditionally published things too
  14. Keep up with blog – Hey! It’s you again!
  15. Keep up with Friday videos – Youtube, it’s you(tube)
  16. Decrease clutter – I’ve become too much like a packrat for my liking. Time to clean some things out
  17. Visit [REDACTED] – A friend of mine. We like to get together at least once a year
  18. Go out with friends at least once a month – I need to socialize more and I actually have people at work I would like to hang out with
  19. Put Together a Cookbook

Yeah, you read that last one right. I’m working on varying my diet, trying to eat better, and experiment with cooking. This is going to be more important starting around April since my parents will be moving out of the apartment (and the country). I’ll need to focus on my meals I lot more than I have been. I’ve got a section in my bullet journal where I can plan weekly meals (using post-it notes so it’s reusable) but I also need some place to actually keep all the recipes I like so I can find them easily again.

There’s already some recipes I want to transcribe and set up in nice big format that I can read easily while working in the kitchen. It’ll help me both eat better, feel more confident in myself, and be more organized. Three birds, one stone. Maybe even four! I’d live to get to the point that I have people over for a meal and maybe some movies. Get togethers that I used to have back during my BA that never seems to happen anymore.

I’m tired of feeling lonely. I’m tired of feeling lost and frustrated and bored.

I know being tired of things isn’t going to magically fix things, but I can at least make a plan, take some steps, and aim for some goals within my control. That part of me already feels different from what I felt at the start of last year.

It’s 2019. And I’m going to keep trying.

Author: MsDuckiebee

I am extremely nerdy and just want to talk about life and things that make me excited. Sometimes just for fun, sometimes to dig into things in a little more detail!

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