Look at My Cat!


In the spirit of giving and also giving everyone a break from the flood of Christmas content, I thought I would show off my cat. Is there a point to this post? Yes, look at my cat.


Her name is Tiggeress and she makes just the sweetest fuzzy lump!


She got her name because when I got her from a local shelter (as a Christmas present: see this is seasonally appropriate!) she was constantly zooming around. Well, she was trying. She was still a very small kitten at the time, so she had trouble with the coordination necessary to zoom around properly.


For a while, when we had other animals in the house, she did less zooming and less snuggling. She was far too dignified for that. She constantly acted like the boss lady of the house. Our dog, Riggs, was kind of afraid of her even though Tiggs grew up suckling on her (because she was that little when she was dropped off at the shelter) and cuddling with her.


This is Mr. Mittens. He got the name because he was a stray that my parents started feeding in the fall and his little white paws reminded my mother of mittens. He got the Mr. part when she figured out he was a boy. I’m a little mad about it because he could have been Sir Mittens but whatever.


Tiggs never really dained to hang out with the loveable, if deeply clumsy and awkward, Mr. Mittens but her attitude towards people started changing when we lost Mr. Mittens to a horse kick. She was far more willing to let people pet her, especially my father who was really Mr. Mittens’ man. When we lost Riggs a few months later my parents swore off any more pets, saying their hearts couldn’t take it. Tiggs turned around and became the most vocal, zoomy, and cuddly cat in the world. I think she knew my parents needed it. I think she needed it too. For all her aloof attitude with the other animals around, she was used to having friends with four legs. I think she comes to cuddle when she gets lonely. She even sleeps with my parents at night, something Riggs and Mr. Mittens used to do. Not her but she has a gap to fill in both us and herself.


She’s a real sweetheart and I just want everyone to look at her!

Author: MsDuckiebee

I am extremely nerdy and just want to talk about life and things that make me excited. Sometimes just for fun, sometimes to dig into things in a little more detail!

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