We Summoned a Demon?!!


With Halloween just two days away, I thought I would tell you about the time that I think my friends and I might have accidentally summoned a demon or something. Yep, it’s ghost story time!

In regards to the supernatural I’m not sure I really have like a strict set of beliefs but I certainly do believe there’s something else that we humans cannot always directly perceive. I’ve had too many weird and frankly uncomfortable/frightening moments not believe that’s there’s something going on.

Why am I telling you about this particular incident then? Two reasons: 1. It was by far the most terrifying account that I currently have and 2. Three other people experienced parts or all of this incident with me so I’ve got more confirmation about it then the other bits. For everyone’s privacy sake I will be referring to these other people as C., D., and K.

Now before I start there are some things I should make you aware of. I have been told that I am an energy dump: I give off a lot of energy that feeds people in apparently both positive and negative ways. C., a self-reported practiser of pagan earth-based spirituality told me that I was a wonderful grounding source of energy and thus nice to be around on her worst days. Another friend who wasn’t involved in the incident told me she had to pick and choose the days she hung out with me because I unknowingly fed her negative emotions and energies, that and that I should never try to control my output because I’d probably make everything a whole lot worse. It kinda hurt.

I also am extremely empathetic which makes normal life with normal people really hard because I get emotional over everything and will swing wildly from emotion to emotion if I’m around people with varying emotions. It’s also kind of scary when I start sensing more emotions than are in the room or when I’m alone. It’s happened before and both C. and that previous friend say I tend to draw those spirits or entities to me which is why it happens so often.

So now with my personal energy/spiritual involvement stated let me set the stage: quite literally a stage. The incident occurred when I along with C. and D. decided to put on a production of Christopher Marlow’s the Tragical History of Doctor Faustus. For anyone unaware the play is about Doctor Faustus who summons a demon and sells his soul for like 24 years of unlimited power and demonic assistance. In the end he gets dragged to hell. Well, since I was directing we put on some auditions in one of the auditoriums of the university we were all attending at the time. In the play Faustus has several parts spoken in different languages, mainly Greek and Latin. So I printed off the largest chunk, the Latin summoning of Meph the demon, so that any student auditioning for Doctor Faustus would be aware of the difficulties of the part. Then C., D., and myself settled in to wait.

No one came. For like an hour. So D. and myself hopped up onto the stage to put on a show and thus draw attention to us for any student who might have been looking for the audition spot. I even got up on a chair on the stage to make a big show of it all. I was jokingly reading from a Shakespearean play that C. and I had for another class (killing two birds with one stone, you know?) while D. was flipping through all the audition scripts I had printed off. She found the Latin section and got really excited because she had another appointment coming up but just enough time to try and read some Latin before she left.  I didn’t think there was anything wrong with that so I, still standing on the chair, shut up and listened to her.

  1. was the first one to realize something was wrong. Later, when I asked her to recount the incident she remembered getting the same feeling when summoning spirits in pagan groups, except the feeling turned uneasy and then downright scary.
  2. finished her Latin and ran off, already late for her meeting but also, she said, uneasy herself.

The entire theatre went cold. It was like storm clouds had filled up the entire room and there was static in the air. I froze, unable to move from the chair on the stage, just staring at C. still in the seats. She shook her head at me when I went to look behind me. There was a back wall to the stage and then a small back stage area: pits on either side and a hall behind the stage connecting the two backstage wings. The terrible feeling grew and C. later described it as a “malignant energy that is every woman’s worst fear walking down a dark alley at night”. We were in trouble. It wanted to hurt us.

In the hall behind the stage footsteps began to sound. Walking slowly back and forth behind us. I could hear them clearly but so could C. 15 feet away. I remember just staring at her desperately because I couldn’t move. The emotions I was feeling was wanting to hurt someone. Wanting to hurt myself. I started feeling sick to my stomach.

Thank any god listening that C. was there that day because I couldn’t move. She jumped up and yelled “STOP!” but the footsteps kept pacing. She began to tell it to go away, that we didn’t want it to come, that we didn’t want to hurt anyone, that we didn’t want it there. Then she started calling on positive spirits and energies to protect us. She climbed up onto the stage and looked at me deliberately. I didn’t know how to summon things: I had never tried. But I knew how to tell someone to go away. So I did. I started just yelling that the thing backstage needed to leave. That it wasn’t welcome. That we were deliberately rejecting that which we had accidently summoned it. The footsteps stopped but it still felt like there was a dark presence in the theatre. I stepped off the chair while C. went backstage, calling on good spirits and turning on all the lights. There wasn’t anyone back there and the only door was locked. No person had been making the footsteps. We had seemed to have cornered it, made it small and less frightening but still there and the room was charged with energy. The lights backstage were dimmer than they should have been. I’ll quote again from C. because she had been backstage with it:

“So I’m back there and speaking to this entity and it’s very clearly a strong, distinctive, self-aware entity that is there. It’s not a shape that I see, it’s not a picture that I see, but I can feel the being’s self-awareness and that they are not from a good place. Like if they try and do anything it will be something bad, or at least it will have a negative impact on myself and my friends. Everything is slow. Myself and [the writer] are both calling in good spirits and calling on good energy and making over very firm rejection of the negative presence that we are not open to it. We are not willing to work with it. We are not going to give it a body in which to work. It starts to not be as solid. It was like the storm cloud when it came in and it’s taking on the presence of deep dense smoke, like you’re in the middle of a house fire that keeps smoking so that it’ll choke you if you don’t dispel it right away. It’s starting to dispel, so that I can breathe again.”

Then the fourth person in the story, K., stepped into the theatre. She was there to try out for the part of Meph the demon but she is a firm Christian believer and wore a crucifix under her costume the entire performance because of this incident. She described it as hitting a heavy and suffocating wall. Then the thing was gone. K. is just looking at me from the top of the auditorium and says “What was that?!”

I burst into tears and sit down on the stage and C. comes out from backstage pale and a little shaky and just starts thanking K. for coming in when she did. K. admits she hit this suffocating feeling and immediately prayed that she’d be kept safe from it, she says its her reflex when she’s in frightening situations. So she comes fully into the theatre and sits down with the two of us as we just shake and I try to stop crying and C. explains she knows it left not vanished. All three of us are really shaken up and it’s the end of the audition time anyway so K. decides she’ll come back the next night and we pack up and walk together to the bus stop. When C. and I get home (we were apartment mates at the time) C. lights up some incense and does a purging ritual on both of us.

The next day D., comes to the auditions looking really tired and pale. She tells us she had really terrible dreams the night before about this dark storm cloud like presence. C., K., and I then explain what happens and then the four of us are freaking out because the thing left and apparently went to find D. but C. brought more incense with her and offers to do the purifying ritual on her so they go outside to do that. C. offered it to K. as well but K. wasn’t comfortably and said she hadn’t had any problems so she stayed with me. That night we had more students come for auditions so all four of us forced ourselves to set aside the incident and focus on the actual auditions, but D., was forbidden from speaking Latin for the deration of the show to avoid any other problems. To make up for the summoning the last performance we did we had Doctor Faustus call out for forgiveness and mercy and thus escape getting dragged to hell. It made me feel better at least.

So, there it is. The time my friends and I accidently summoned something that was probably a demon or at least a menacing entity and then had to tell it very clearly to f-off. This is why I will never use a Ouija board or anything like it. That shit is terrifying why would you ever do it on purpose?! Like I said, the worst of my supernatural experiences so far but certainly not my only one. Maybe I’ll write up some more if you are interested in something like that. Also, feel free to share your own accidental/on purpose summoning incidents; we might as well all get a little freaked out together!

Author: MsDuckiebee

I am extremely nerdy and just want to talk about life and things that make me excited. Sometimes just for fun, sometimes to dig into things in a little more detail!

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